If COVID-19 taught us nothing else, viruses have the power to rapidly turn our world upside down. But what about other health concerns and insecurities? How do we prepare ourselves for the best health outcomes no matter what comes next?

From harnessing the brain's own resilience to fight Alzheimer's disease to improving cancer outcomes by understanding how it defends itself against existing treatments, researchers at Duke are helping to prepare us for a future where our bodies and brains are stronger and safer. With research focusing on the brain, cancer, the immune system, and viruses, and advanced capabilities to take research from bench to bedside, we are furthering the advancement of health and medicine in communities across the globe so that all of us, no matter who we are or where we live, can lead our best lives.

Duke’s Big Bets

The Brain
Understanding its unique structure, developing new ways to heal injuries, heading off disease before it occurs.


Learning its mechanisms to create better treatments and effective prevention.


The Immune System
Controlling our response to biological invaders so that our bodies eliminate harmful ones and don't overreact to benign ones.


Mastering the genetics, spread and mutations of viral and other microbial agents to protect us from them before they can do harm.

Living our best lives? Challenge accepted.

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