Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is enabling computers to learn, write, create, and mimic what humans do. The Duke community is exploring its benefits, its ethics and its potential impact on our collective future.

Fighting disease with a smartwatch? That's genius.

Duke biomedical engineer Jessilyn Dunn is standing against the threat of disease with the powers of wearable technology.

“What we’re seeing is this revolution in the use of data.”

Jessilyn Dunn on A.I. as a “smartwatch superpower” that can ward off disease

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AI & Ethics

For all its potential good, artificial intelligence has introduced a mountain of ethical quandaries. How can we harness A.I. for the benefit of humanity and mitigate harm?

Recent Discoveries

ChatGPT in the classroom
Generative AI is here to stay. Will it be the end of take-home exams or improve the learning process?
What’s light got to do with it
A new initiative bringing together the study of A.I. and light waves is leading to cancer detection and analysis at more rapid speeds.
Heart surgery of the future?
This heart model helping surgeons make decisions is so detailed only a supercomputer could do it.
Bridging political divides
AI is being used to mediate challenging conversations online and it may help you better express opposing views with friends and family too.

In the News

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Solutions to the world's pressing problems are waiting to be discovered.

When collaborations lead, breakthroughs follow. Duke is home to the world’s top lab in interpretable Al. Our researchers are developing the foundations for our carbon-neutral future. We’re even pioneering advancements in gene therapy to treat previously untreatable conditions like Pompe disease. Duke is a leader among the world’s elite institutions where scientific breakthroughs happen.


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