Challenge Accepted.

When collaboration leads, breakthroughs follow.

The world needs answers. And it needs them now. That’s where Duke Science and Technology comes in.

At Duke, we’re in relentless pursuit of knowledge that will fundamentally drive positive change for people and our planet.

We adhere to a foundation of discovery science and rigorous research to help us understand our world. But what sets us apart is bringing different disciplines together for the greater good. These unexpected partnerships deliver unheard of results to make our world better, stronger and more just.

An investment in science and technology faculty, infrastructure, and research — combined with Duke’s culture of boundless collaboration — leads to global impact.

Challenge Accepted

  • A Defining Moment in Science

    A Defining Moment in Science

    “In this extraordinary moment, Duke and its supporters have a unique opportunity to truly change the world — to improve more lives through innovative therapies and a new understanding of human health. By further leveraging scientific advances and new technology, elevating the spirit of collaboration across our disciplines, and investing in transformative faculty to support our abiding commitments to teaching, discovery and patient care, we will rise together to meet the pressing problems of today and redefine what it means to be a research university for the future.”

    Vincent E. Price
    President, Duke University
  • An Unprecedented Opportunity

    An Unprecedented Opportunity

    “At a time of tremendous possibility in science and medicine, Duke’s leadership is urgently needed in solving today’s complex challenges and advancing health. We invite our community to join us in meeting this moment with high ambitions and bold determination. Together, we embrace this unprecedented opportunity to build on our existing strengths and our unrivaled culture of collaboration to drive discovery, expand knowledge, and forge the future of health and health care here and globally.”

    A. Eugene Washington, M.D., M.P.H, M.Sc.
    Chancellor for Health Affairs, Duke University
    President and CEO, Duke University Health System

Computing | Thinking and Learning in the Digital Age

How will Duke use artificial intelligence to dismantle racism? Develop cybersecurity tools to defend us from future threats? Reshape our society with quantum computers? At Duke, we are unlocking the full potential of the 21st century with a generation of computational thinkers.

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Materials Science | Designing a Better World

How can new materials created at Duke help us recover from injury? Capture the full potential of carbon-neutral energy? Build replacement parts for the tools of tomorrow? At Duke, we discover new materials and apply them across disciplines for society’s benefit every day.

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Resilience | Fortifying the Body and Brain

How will Duke help prepare us to prevent the next pandemic? Discover why some immune systems protect better than others? Unlock our own resilience to injury or disease? At Duke, we seek to understand how the human body can prevent injury and repair itself to improve our quality of life.

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