About the Initiative

About the Initiative

Solutions to the world's pressing problems are waiting to be discovered.

When collaborations lead, breakthroughs follow. Duke is home to the world's top lab in interpretable AI. Our researchers are developing the foundations for our carbon-neutral future. We're even pioneering advancements in gene therapy to treat previously untreatable conditions like Pompe disease. Duke is a leader among the world's elite institutions where scientific breakthroughs happen.

Innovation and the ambition that underlies science and technology have always been a part of Duke. Now, with Duke Science and Technology, we're placing our biggest bets on global challenges that will have tremendous impact for every person on the planet:

Join with Duke to drive positive change for people and our planet.

By addressing challenges in computing, materials science, and body and brain resilience, Duke will usher in the future of research, development, and application, and reshape the way we educate tomorrow's leaders in science and technology.

The world needs answers. And it needs them now.

That’s where Duke Science and Technology comes in.

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The opportunity to support Duke's future success and have a lasting impact on the world is now. Duke Science and Technology is your chance to seed innovation and transform discovery into impact. Contact our team and subscribe to DST quarterly e-newsletters.