Thinking and Learning in the Digital Age

In a world with increasingly complex problems, how do we produce and empower those capable of solving them?

From implanting deep brain stimulation devices to designing interpretable machine learning models, computing at Duke envisions a future built by computational thinkers who make our world better. With research priorities in AI and machine learning, privacy and cybersecurity, autonomous systems and Internet of Things, as well as an innovative educational initiative around computing literacy, the Center for Computational Thinking, we are leading the charge in unlocking the full potential of the 21st century.

Duke’s Big Bets

AI and Machine Learning
Pairing massive quantities of data with advanced quantitative methodology and new computing platforms to improve health, technology, industry and government.


Privacy and Cybersecurity
Securing our most important information in every virtual environment.


Autonomous Systems and Internet of Things
Creating the communications technology necessary to safely automate our personal lives and careers.


Computational Thinking
Re-imagining the liberal arts education so every Duke student graduates with the data and computational skills needed to lead in any industry.

Next Generation Computing? Challenge Accepted.

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