Materials Science

Materials Science

The materials that make up the world around us hold unforeseen advantages and have lasting implications for our planet. How do we look beyond convention and create the next revolution of materials to propel our inventions and society further?

From healing fractured ribs with novel adhesives to harvesting solar power with renewable cells 100 times lighter than existing technology, materials scientists at Duke aim to amplify engineering discovery and development to make our world perform better for people today and generations to come. With research priorities in biomaterials, sustainability, metamaterials, and computational materials, and our proven ecosystem of collaboration across disciplines, we are championing engineering for a future that solves unimaginable problems with devices, tools and applications of unparalleled societal good.

Duke’s Big Bets

Developing new materials to help the body heal faster and better.


Improving our energy and climate future through safer, cleaner, more efficient materials.


Creating new technologies with materials not found in nature to transform agriculture, eliminate auto accidents and more.


Computational Materials
Improving the speed, ease and cost of creating advanced materials used to solve problems in medicine, electronics, transportation and sustainable energy.

Shaping a better future? Challenge accepted.

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